Monday, April 13, 2009

Just to even things out, I made Latkes

As my brother and his wife are fundamentalist atheists, I decided to make Potato latkes the day after the Hot Cross Buns. I only found out later that latkes, while a Jewish treat, are actually a Hannunkah tradition, not Passover. Nevermind they still tasted great, although I think my brother went a bit crazy with the sour cream!

It was fun to try out another new dish, and they were yummy though very rich. I used the recipe from Epicurious. I used a mandolin type grater and grated straight into a bowl of water. This really helped to stop the potato browning. I used a clean teatowel to wring out the excess water and vegetable juices, and it was amazing how much came out. This step helped ensure the latkes were really crispy. My kids will love these.

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