Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hot Buns in San Francisco

I am visiting San Francisco to meet my newest nephew. I hope you can pop in to visit my blog and share some of my crafting experiences and creative inspirations while I am here.

Its Easter, so you have to have Hot Cross Buns, right? Even if you are in USA where the focus seems to be on CHOCOLATE!

I got my brother to take me for a tour of the local Safeway, and I found the yeast I needed to create the smell of Easter: that gloriously spicy, yeasty smell of baking buns. Yum, they were good.

I love that I can find any recipe I want on the internet. It adds another dimension to travel. The recipe I found was from Joy of Baking. I substituted 3/4 cup of raisins for all the dried fruit: unfortunately we didn't have any currants. They were delicious! I also made a flour paste to make the distinctive crosses on top. If you want details on how to do this, please ask.

I also checked out a few other blogs that included Hot Cross Buns and I found the inspiring site Wild Yeast, with a focus on Yeast Spotting. You see more if you link through to Zorra's site for more ideas that will have you salivating!

Now I'll have to see what I can make with the other 2 sachets of yeast that came in the pack! There are ideas for lots of other Spring baking traditions.

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  1. Look perfect with the 2 other sachets you could participate in Bread Baking Day. ;-)